CogSc-12 ILCLI International Workshop on Cognitive Science

Donostia - San Sebastian, November 28-30, 2012 VENUE: Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences Degrees Room (2nd floor) Address: Avenida de Tolosa, 70. 20019 DONOSTIA (CAMPUS OF IBAETA)

The ILCLI International Workshop on Cognitive Science, CogSc-12, is organized by the Institute for Logic, Cognition, Language and Information (ILCLI) of the University of the Basque Country. The workshop will take place in the Santamaria Centre at Donostia-San Sebastian, Elhuyar Square 2, University Campus, from November 28 to 30, 2012.
VENUE: Degrees Room at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences.
This workshop provides a forum for the discussion of how to find good explanations for all kinds of phenomena in the broad field of social cognition and social action, with a particular emphasis on learning and reasoning, from the viewpoints of cognitive scientists and philosophers.
The purpose of this conference is twofold: firstly, to engage researchers with different backgrounds in a discussion on the relation between social action and cognition situated in a social setting, and secondly, to obtain a better theoretical understanding of what is learning by doing, and reasoning under the cognitive limitations of information processing and drawing inferences.


Learning, Reasoning, and Cognition
Cognition and Action in a social setting

Plenary Speakers:

Eduardo Alonso (London), Alan Turing: A Tribute on his centenary
Ronald de Sousa (Toronto), Reasoning and Emotion, in the light of the Dual Processing Model of Cognition
Mark Keane (Dublin), Deconstructing Analogy
Boicho Kokinov (Sofia), Conscious and Unconscious Processes in Human Thinking
Alfred Mele (Tallahassee, Florida), Consciousness in Action: Free Will, Moral Responsibility, Data, and Inferences
Albert Newen (Bochum), The Individuation and Recognition of Emotion
Joëlle Proust (Paris), The norms of acceptance

Contributed Papers:

Stefano Borgo, Noemi Spagnoletti, Laure Vieu, Elisabetta Visalberghi: Artifacts in humans and capuchin monkeys
Malte Dahlgrün, Evolutionary psychology, modularity, and the mechanism/representation distinction
Emmanuel J. Genot, Information processing and constraint satisfaction in Wason's Selection Task
Zachary C. Irving, Consideration receptivity and the epistemic rationality of mind-wandering
Aitor Izagirre & Igor Petralanda, On the idea of action in Davies' performance theory of art
Justine Jacot, The double disjunction task as a coordination problem
Jakob Krebs, Learning from informative metaphors
Heidi L. Maibom, Simulation and failure to forecast
Alain Ulazia, The role of analogy in the genesis of Bernoulli relation and the concept of pressure
Sam Wilkinson, Beyond believing badly

Programme Committee

Bruno Bara (Torino), Cédric Brun (Bordeaux), Angeles Eraña (México), Jesús Ezquerro (Donostia), Kepa Korta (Donostia), Lorena Gil de Montes (Donostia), Jesus M. Larrazabal (Chair, Donostia), Esther Mondragon (London), Carlos Moya (Valencia), Diana Pérez (Buenos Aires), Stuart Silvers (Clemson)

Organizing Committee

Xabier Arrazola (ILCLI, Donostia), Mikel Haranburu (ILCLI, Donostia), Aitor Izagirre (ILCLI, Donostia), Luis A. Pérez (ILCLI, Donostia), Jose Valencia (UPV/EHU, Donostia), Sagrario Yarnoz (ILCLI, Donostia)

Registration Fees
Registration, before October 15:

General: 120 euro
Students (verify): 60 euro
Registration (from October 15 until November 14):

General: 150 euro
Students (verify): 75 euro

Further information:

Prof. Jesus M. Larrazabal, Programme Committee

Ms. Juncal Araquistain, Registration