The Institute for Logic, Cognition, Language and Information is an institute of the University of the Basque Country . It was made official by the Basque Government on May 31st, 1999. (BOPV n. 101.) It is a philosophical, scientific and technical research center to further multidisciplinary research in the fields of language, cognition, information and communication, through the integration of theories and methods mostly from logic, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, computer science and artificial intelligence.
Its main aim is to join together researchers working in the fields mentioned above and integrate them in common projects. Particularly, philosophers, logicians, linguists, psychologists, mathematicians, artificial intelligence scientists and also social theoreticians on knowledge. In fact, the analysis of language-cognition-information cannot be done without the collaborative effort of many specialists and experts. Therefore, this Institute is from the beginning an interdisciplinary center, and its everyday work reflects it.
The academic opening of the Institute was on December 9th, 1993, with a lecture by Nicholas Asher (Austin, Texas) on Nonmonotonicity: a tool for discourse interpretation.
The Institute was located, from 1993 to 2011, in a wonderful villa in Donostia called "Villa Asunción", and in September 2011 we moved to a new building, the Carlos Santamaria Zentroa.
The Institute regularly welcomes visiting students and scholars, organizes workshops, seminars and conferences, and it is in close collaboration with researchers working at different departments at the University of the Basque Country, as well as with researchers working at Universities all over the world.
The Institute proudly hosts GOGOA, an indexed journal in Basque that publishes  papers in the areas of philosophy, logic, linguistics, cognitive science, psicology, history, and mathematics.
Address: ILCLI. UPV/EHU. Carlos Santamaria Zentroa. Elhuyar Plaza 2. 20018. Donostia
Tel.: +34 943 017451. Fax: +34 943 017430

Director of the Institute: Dr. María de Ponte
Academic Secretary: Dr. Larraitz Zubeldia