1. Structural Research Areas
    • Logic. It is directed by Dr. Enetz Ezenarro and includes all topics having to do with formal logic, like the analysis of any kind of logical calculus and semantics, or history and philosophy of logic in general.
    • Cognitive Science. It is directed by Dr. Luis A. Pérez Miranda and is devoted to the analysis of cognitive processes from the viewpoints of psychology, artificial intelligence and philosophy.
    • Language and Communication. It is directed by Dr. Joana Garmendia and its main concern is the analysis of language, particularly its semantic and pragmatic aspects within the frame of some general theories of information and communication.
    • Information, Social Action, and Symbolic Systems. It is directed by Prof. Jesus Mari Larrazabal and its main aim is to analyze systems of social action and the foundations of symbolic systems, as well as information flow from a multidisciplinary point of view.
  2. Units
    • Unit of Epistemology, Ethics and Social Philosophy. Coordinated by Prof. Jesús Ezquerro. It is a philosophically oriented unit, devoted on the one hand to general epistemology, philosophy of mind, and social philosophy, and on the other hand to applied ethics.
    • Unit of Formal Methods for Language, Cognition and Action. Created in 2008, it is coordinated by Prof. J. M. Larrazabal. Its aim is to improve research in Mathematics applied to Cognitive Science, Language Theory, Information Theory, and Action Systems.