The Department of Mining Engineering and Metallurgy and Materials Science designs its research activities in its corresponding fields of engineering, which are as follows: materials engineering, metallurgic engineering, mining engineering and, finally, Cartographic, Geodesic and Photogrammetric engineering.

In view of these branches of engineering, this Department dynamizes its research by combining scientific rigour with applied investigation, focusing, on the one hand, on the technologies of each industrial sector that is addressed, without overlooking the generation of knowledge with direct applications to society. Over recent years, it has all added up to the achievement of a large number of varied scientific and technological publications, innovative projects with industry, administrations, and institutions. It may also be highlighted that, due to the multidisciplinary nature of this Department, these actions have in some cases resulted in positive effects on the social and cultural environment.

All these actions are supported by the appropriate research infrastructure of the Department, as well as by the necessary external links with other agents (universities, firms, technological centres, and administrations), wishing to be as efficient and productive as possible with regard to the management of all its resources.