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Tour City Mondragon & Donostia-San Sebastian

23rd July 2022, Saturday
Include: Bus, Speech and Visit of Mondragon, Donostia San Sebastian Tall-Hall Reception, Lunch
Price: 100€

The MONDRAGON Corporation, a world reference in cooperative work, is the leading business group in the Basque Country and the second largest social economy group in Spain. Mondragon is an association of 96 autonomous and independent cooperatives, made up of 80,000 people and 14 R&D centres. Created in 1956 through associative work, nowadays it maintains its cooperative values, which has given rise to a solid and supportive cooperative project, as well as being profitable, competitive and enterprising, capable of competing in international markets.

Regarding organisation, MONDRAGON is divided into four areas: Finance, Industry, Distribution and Knowledge.

In this visit to Mondragón, organised in collaboration with the "Asociación de Amigos de Arizmendiarrieta", we will be able to get to know the guts of this corporation directly from its creators and members.

After the visit to Mondragón, we will visit the city of San Sebastián. An official reception will take place in the plenary hall of the City Hall, located in the beautiful bay of La Concha, next to the port and the old part of the city.

The building currently occupied by the Town Hall was originally built in 1887 to house the city's Gran Casino, one of the most important in Europe. It was the leisure meeting point for high society and an important tourist attraction, where dances, parties and leisure activities were held.

San Sebastian was an important tourist destination and a benchmark of the Belle Epoque.

We will then enjoy a tour of the city.