Recommendations for Attendees, Presenters and Moderators of Sessions

In order to stimulate the encounter and the academic and research exchange in economic and business ethics, it is encouraged to follow the recommendations below.

To all congress attendees:

  • To attend the different scheduled sessions: conferences, panels and tracks.
  • To arrive on time to the rooms, even some minutes in advance, whenever possible.
  • To actively participate in the sessions, respecting the role of the moderators.
  • To briefly and directly intervene during the Q&A session.
  • To establish as many contacts as possible in order to reinforce the ISBEE networking.

To paper presenters as part of the tracks:

  • Please be in the room at least 5 minutes in advance in order to coordinate with the moderator.
  • Please bring your visual presentation ready on a USB and arrive in advance in order for it to be set at the computer in the room (especially if instead of a USB, the visual presentation needs to be downloaded from a website).
  • Presentations need to be a maximum of 15 minutes long. The duration of presentations will be agreed in advance with the moderator in the room.
  • Answers to questions or comments need to be as accurate and brief as possible, so there is enough time for different interventions to take place. If the answering time was to be prolonged in time, please suggest continuing the conversation after the session.

To moderators:

  • Please be in the room enough in advance to coordinate with presenters prior to the sessions through:
    • the introduction of presentations in the computer;
    • the communication to presenters of their order of intervention;
    • the reminding to participants the time available for each of the interventions (15 minutes maximum), as well as 
    • the need to generate discussions after each of the interventions, among other.
  • To agree with participants the sign that will be given to them two minutes before the end of their time of intervention before the discussion.
  • To briefly introduce each participant mentioning their name, family name and filiation.
  • To pace the duration of the dialogue to guarantee that sessions end on time without adding extra time.