38. Development of Business Ethics in Europe


Organizer: Prof. Dr. Heidi von Weltzien Hoivik,

The aim of this project is to trace the development of business ethics, especially teaching and research, in different parts of Europe, paying particular attention – where relevant – to the role of EBEN.

Some pointers for contributions

The intention is to allow great freedom in the contributions from different countries and regions. Each national or regional contribution will have its own character and it would seem unhelpful to force each account into a straitjacket. Differences among reports is a strength, highlighting the reasons for different approaches and developments. Such variety will also make the collection more interesting.

Nevertheless, it might be useful to consider the following points or questions, several of which have come up so far, when preparing your contribution.

  1. How has business ethics (especially teaching and research) developed in your particular country or region?
    Note: EBEN was founded in 1987, but contributions needn’t go back as far as that if it is irrelevant to the narrative being developed.
  2. How, if at all, has business ethics been embedded in institutions – principally academic, but also companies and the public sector?
  3. What topics are particularly emphasized?
  4. What happened in relation to EBEN in your country or region?
    Note: while contributions should not be purely descriptive, it is useful to create a record of the early days of our activities while remaining members of the pioneering generation are able to do so.

First abstracts/drafts of contributions to be submitted to Prof.Dr. Heidi von WeltzienHoivik ( by 31 December 2021.

First drafts to be reviewed and feedback provided to authors by 31 March 2022. (Review panel to be decided)

Deliver session at ISBEE 2022, Bilbao, July 20-22, 2022.