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Groups of work: research, training and dissemination

  1. Promotion of different research lines, which will include contributions of bachelor´s and master´s degrees final projects, as well as doctoral theses.
  1. Participation in workshops, courses and other training spaces.
  2. Creation of a website, where the information about different activities will be displayed and the different investigations will be published, which will be complemented with the periodic sending of a newsletter and the presence in social networks.
  3. Relationship with other Observatories and entities from outside the Basque Country, to generate ties and alliances.

Without disregarding additional options, the following topics will be addressed:


Requirements derived from the fulfillment of Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in terms of the distribution of wealth

Deepening the concept of wealth in relation to GDP new technologies

Identification of the wealth generated by Industry 4.0 and new technologies

Knowledge of the distribution of wealth

Search of progressive fiscal systems for a fair distribution of wealth

Strengthening of the social protection system and study of the consequences derived from the incorporation of a Basic Income (universal and unconditional)

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