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There are many tasks in which you can participate. As an example:

  • Carrying out research, training and dissemination activities on topics of interest to the ToShare Observatory
  • Classifying the various information and contents in the ToShare Observatory so that they can later be disseminated in various forums
  • Defending the approaches of the ToShare Observatory in different forums of social networks
  • Collaborating on the ToShare Observatory website
  • Collaborating in the preparation of the ToShare Observatory Newsletter
  • Making translations in different languages

With recognition of optional credits for students of the UPV / EHU. If you are interested…. write a message to the email address, detailing your name, phone number, e-mail address and motivation and indicating in the subject "To work as a volunteer at the ToShare Observatory".

Once the voluntary work and the corresponding procedures have been completed, the dedication will be certified. With this certificate, the validation of optional credits can be requested, based on 30 hours per credit and a maximum of 3 credits per academic year. More information about the credit recognition procedure for solidarity and cooperation activities here.

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