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Belen Bengoetxea, Decana de la Facultad de Letras

Welcome to the faculty of Arts. We hope that both during your visit to our website and to our installations you will find suitable answers to your needs.

The Faculty of Arts is a Public Centre that seeks to provide our society with training for professionals in different disciplines in the field of Humanities, while promoting values of freedom and tolerance. The teaching of numerous subjects is based on the research activity carried out by our teachers and research staff. The intense teaching activity pursued at our Centre is carried out in laboratories and classrooms that are suitably equipped to develop a modern teaching methodology, and this is complemented by an extraordinary campus library. In the course of the learning process, our students also have at their disposal an exemplary mobility programme and a wide range of effective internships.

At all the different levels at the Faculty of Arts we strive towards improving our Centre. Thus, we have designed improvement plans for all educational and management processes.  Between all of us, we need to build a dynamic, open-minded and professional faculty – a faculty that is capable of ensuring quality university education.

Iñaki Bazán Díaz