There is no practicum, but at the request of the students, collaboration agreements are signed for extracurricular internships in laboratories and/or nearby companies.

The Master’s Final Project, worth 20 credits, is a research work that is carried out by integrating into one of the research groups associated with the teaching of the Master.

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Institutions with cooperation agreements

  • Azti
  • GAIKER Centro Tecnológico
  • Garbiker
  • Grupo Biodegradación y Bioremediación de la Universidad de Barcelona (GBB-UB)
  • Neiker-Instituto Vasco de Investigaciones y Desarrollo Agrario-Arcaute (Alava)

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Institutions offering internships

Number of hours : Minimum 150 hours

For more information contact : Etxebarria Loizate, Nestor

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Suggestions and requests