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Merits assessment

  • Curriculum : Results in areas relevant for LCT, namely Computer Science and Language Technology (incl. formal linguistics). ( 25% )
  • Other : Benefit potential for the students, how the student may profit from participating in the LCT program; and motivation of the student for wanting to participate in the LCT program (expectations, own contribution). ( 25% )
  • English : Result of TOEFL, IELTS or an equivalent test; language abilities and practical application in studying or working. ( 25% )
  • Student Record : Results of undergraduate education and other related postgraduate degrees if any: affinity of the studies completed, and average mark, and time invested to obtain it; ( 25% )

Access degrees

  • Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages
  • Computer Engineering
  • Degree in Computer Engineering
  • Other University Degrees or equivalent at the discretion of the Committee
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • University Degree In Management IT & Information Systems Engineering
  • University Degree in Computer Science
  • University Degree in It Engineering
  • University Degree in Lingüistics
  • University Degree in Mathematics
  • University Degree in Philology
  • University Degree in Statistics
  • University Degree in Statistics Science and Technology
  • University Degree in Translation & Interpreting

XSL Content

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