About the course

Nanoscience is a growing field of study that refers to the ability to build extremely small objects. It is a highly interdisciplinary research area that plays a decisive role in recent scientific discoveries and the latest technologies, such as in the miniaturisation process of electronic devices.

This Master of Nanoscience degree programme responds to the demand of technology and advanced research centres for professionals who are experts and specialists in the domain, owing to their training on the basic concepts and tools applied in the field of Nanoscience.

The training programme instructs the students in the use and interpretation of the results obtained from the experimental techniques that are common in the research laboratories of nanotechnology, as well as the matters related to nanomaterials and their applications.

Furthermore, it imparts a profound knowledge of the research work, carried out worldwide in this field, through a personalised research programme with the help of internationally renowned teams and a direct contact with some prestigious researchers. In this regard, we work in collaboration with the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), the Material Physics Center (MPC), and the CIC-Nanogune.

This Master's degree programme is oriented towards the research activities and offers direct access to the PhD in Physics programme in Nanostructures and Advanced Materials.

Places available



Face-to-face degree course






1 academic year

Approximate fees

2.200 €

Teaching place

University of the Basque Country: SCH. OF CHEMICAL SCIENCES


Centro de Física de Materiales CSIC

DIPC-Donostia International Physic Center


Person in charge of the Master:


943 01 8094

4 reasons to study this Master

  • Taught by the world-renowned experts in Nanoscience
  • Master's Thesis at the various collaborating centres of excellence
  • Access to the Doctoral programme with an option for scholarship
  • Offer for DIPC-MPC Scholarships support worth 3,000 Euros per year

With the participation of

Materials Physics Center
CIC Nanogune Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center
DIPC Donostia International Physics Center

Career opportunities

  • Scientific research in the fields related to materials science, including analysis and characterisation techniques, theoretical and simulation methods.
  • Academic career.
  • Access to the Technology and Research Centres.
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