About the course

The programme is designed to educate the next generation of engineers and researchers in Smart Cities and Communities by learning best practice from 4 of Europe’s most prestigious universities and by fostering collaboration with industry through research.

The SMACCs is aligned with the smart city concept and envisaged ecosystems by providing an international, interdisciplinary programme of study, whose graduates will have attained both core and specialized knowledge in the diverse area of smart cities and communities, allowing them to succeed in a highly demanding labour market.

The SMACCs offers different specializations:

  • Smart Grids and Demand Management (HWU, U.K.).
  • Sustainable Urban Planning, Energy and Transport. (UMONS, Belgium).
  • Information and Communication Technologies (IHU, Greece).
  • Energy Efficiency on Buildings (UPV/EHU, Spain).

* For more information about the price, please see the master's programme secretary.

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4 reasons to study this master

  • Students will acquire new and valuable skills and benefit form state-of-the-art research at transnational level, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, employability, knowledge exchange and multidisciplinary learning.
  • Attractive mobility: students will have the opportunity to study at least 1 semester at 3 different Partner Universities and 3 different countries. Depending on the Thesis selection, a 4th country from the Associated Partners could also be included on his mobility path.
  • In addition to the MSc degree in Smart Cities and communities, students have additional degree options (double degrees) depending on the mobility path chosen.
  • Global perspective of the SMACCs programme: the extended SMACCs consortium includes more than 30 associated partners from all over the world, including research institutions, companies and universities, to provide teaching (enhanced courses) and internships related with the Smart Cities & Communities


Participating universities

UMONS Université de Mons
Heriot Watt University
International Hellenic University


Career opportunities

After completing the programme, our graduates will be able to managing project teams in urban development and engage in the management of development projects in municipalities and public administration. They will be able to design energy-conversion systems in a smart-city and community context and work in companies and institutions with a vision on the development of smart cities and communities of the future, as, for instance, Project Manager for Smart Communities or Professional Consultants in public administration or in industry, technology and research centers.

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