The general mobility arrangement within the academic programme is as follows:

  • SMACCs students start to earn their first 30 ECTS credits during their first academic year at HWU (U.K.) or UPV/EHU (Spain).
  • SMACCs students continue to earn their next 30 ECTS credits during their first academic year at UMONS (Belgium) or IHU (Greece).
  • During their 3rd semester, SMACCs students will study at HWU or UPV/EHU.

That means that each student will have the opportunity to study at least 1 semester at 3 different Partner Universities and 3 different countries.

Study periods outside of the four SMACCs main partner universities (typically during the 4th semester) will be arranged on a student-bystudent basis depending on the courses and thesis supervision offered by the associated partners (universities, research institutes and companies) as well as the student’s interest, academic performance and language abilities.

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