Research activities

  • Molecular and functional assessment of the neurotransmitter receptors and their intracellular signaling pathways in post-mortem human brain from subjects with a diagnostic of major depression, schizophrenia, drug abuse or other neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • Evaluation of neuro-receptors in human glial tumors.
  • Study of the constitutive activity of neurotransmitter receptors and analysis of the inverse agonist properties of different drugs.
  • In vivo study of the long-term mechanism of action of the antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs.
  • Enhancement and acceleration of the antidepressant effect of drugs in animal models.
  • Role of epigenetic alterations induced by long-term treatment with psychoactive drugs.
  • Pharmacological screening of new molecules with potential antidepressant or antipsychotic effect.
  • Monitoring of brain levels of psychoactive drugs and the relation with the response rate to treatment.
  • Search of new diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets for psychiatric diseases by means of functional genomics and proteomics.
  • Molecular, biochemical and behavioural assessment of transgenic, neurodevelopmental or pharmacological animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • Study of the genetic polymorphisms related with suicidal behaviour.
  • Neurobiological basis of positive, negative and cognitive symptoms in schizophrenia.
  • Treatment of cognitive impairment associated to schizophrenia.
  • Etiopathogenic role of neuroinflammation in psychiatric diseases. Mechanisms of psychiatric symptoms in inflammatory diseases.
  • Identification of trait and status peripheral biomarkers in mental illness.
  • Design and evaluation of technological devices for cognitive evaluation.