PQoS analysis over a BGP/MPLS IP VPN infrastructure

ose Oscar Fajardo, Alfredo Beaumont, Begoña Blanco, Alex Muñoz, Fidel Liberal
Publication medium:
VI Workshop in G/MPLS Network (WGN6). Girona, España, 12-13 April
This work focuses on the analysis of Quality of Service (QoS) management in controlled scenarios such as corporate networks. We present a testbed based on BGP/MPLS IP VPN networks and show the QoS configuration implemented in the different nodes. The motivation of this work is to obtain stable QoS monitoring procedures that will allow us to deploy optimized QoS management mechanisms. The results are intended to represent users' satisfaction for different networked services, so we base our QoS evaluation in perceived-QoS (PQoS) schemes. In this paper we proposed a network scenario made up of a VPN connectivity between two corporate sites. Based on the terms included in the SLA and the characteristics of different traffic profiles, we try to monitor the PQoS in different conditions, so we can obtain valuable information for a better traffic classification.