Arquitectura de red para la automatización de pruebas

Alfredo Beaumont, Jose Oscar Fajardo, Eva Ibarrola, Cristina Perfecto
Publication medium:
V Jornadas de Ingeniería Telemática (JITEL'05). Vigo, Spain. September 12-14

<p lang="en">One of the most important tasks of a researcher consists in performing tests to validate the results of the research done. In a network related research work, with complex infrastructure and many configuration parameters, testing our work is usually rather mechanic, tedious and error prone if tests are done manually. In the Networking, Quality and Security Research Group, we have developed a generic test framework to automate this important task, composed of four kind of logical elements: a manager, agents, daemons and formatters. With these four elements, every phase of the process is automated, from test configuration to result formatting. The deployment of this framework has drastically reduced the time needed for the test phase and the number of errors due to mistakes. It has also allowed us to share resources among projects more easily and to schedule test sets when the devices are not being used.</span>