Adaptación y extensión de una herramienta de análisis de tráfico para redes

Javier Domingo, Alberto Pineda, Armando Ferro, Luis Zabala
XXVIII Simposium Nacional URSI. Santiago de Compostela, Spain. September 11-13

In NQaS, a kernel level network traffic sniffer under the name of Ksensor was created long ago. Ksensor has been using for long a kernel version which has become outdated with the pass of the years. In order to recover the relevance of the study of the sniffer and update with the latest trends in kernel efficiency, a project has been developed, in which Ksensor is adapted to get advantage of latest capture optimizations. Linux developers have created several ways to optimize the system throughput in high system load, and in the area of traffic capture, GRO and RPS mechanisms are the most important changes done.