Zabala Alberdi Luis

Zabala Alberdi, Luis

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Zabala Alberdi, Luis

Address: Alda. de Urquijo s/n. C.P.: 48013. Bilbao
Office: P3F4
Telephone: 946014181
Fax: +34 94 601 4259


Academic degrees

University degree

Career:  Engineering in Telecommunications
Intensification: Telematics
Center:  University of The Basque Country
Date of achievement: 1998


Program title: Tecnologías de la Información
DEA date of achievement: -
Thesis title: -
Date of achievement: (In progress)


An analytical model for loss estimation in network traffic analysis systems

Armando Ferro, Igor Delgado, Alex Muñoz and Fidel Liberal
Journal of Computer and System Sciences
72, Issue 7
Initial page - Ending page:
1121 - 1133

Simulation models have been developed in order to foresee characteristics of networks, systems or protocols when carrying out tests in laboratories is very expensive or even impossible. This paper presents a simulation model of a multiprocessor network traffic analysis system. The model, which is based on closed networks of queues, evaluates the efficiency of the system depending on the hardware/software platform features. Therefore, this model is able to estimate performance early in the design and development stages simulating a multiprocessor architecture in charge of analysing network traffic. The goodness of the model will be checked by comparing analytical results with practical ones obtained in laboratory using a traffic analysis system that runs on a multiprocessor platform.

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