Zabala Alberdi Luis

Zabala Alberdi, Luis

Personal information

Zabala Alberdi, Luis

Address: Alda. de Urquijo s/n. C.P.: 48013. Bilbao
Office: P3F4
Telephone: 946014181
Fax: +34 94 601 4259


Academic degrees

University degree

Career:  Engineering in Telecommunications
Intensification: Telematics
Center:  University of The Basque Country
Date of achievement: 1998


Program title: Tecnologías de la Información
DEA date of achievement: -
Thesis title: -
Date of achievement: (In progress)

Conference Papers

Estudio de los Mecanismos de Espera de GNU/Linux para el Diseño de un Inyector Software de Tráfico Sintético

Alberto Pineda, Luis Zabala, Armando Ferro, Alejandro Muñoz
XXV Simposium Nacional URSI. Bilbao, Spain. September 15-17

<span lang="en">In the design of traffic generators time measurement is very important. When a high rate is needed time lapses between packet sending are smaller. Because of this, the granularity of the system must be good. GNU/Linux has some tools that could be very useful to implement the measure of those time lapses. In order to choose the best solution, this paper studies the different tools that are provided by GNU/Linux. This study is aimed at the design of a kernel module that works as a traffic generator. In this paper is presented a solution that uses two kinds of tools, too. In this way, the performance of the generator is better.</span>