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Daniel Braak (University of Augsburg, Germany)

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From: 12/2012 To: 12/2016


2011/11/03, Daniel Braak (University of Augsburg, Germany)

Place:  Sala de Seminarios del Departamento de Física Teórica e Historia de la Ciencia
Time: 12h
Title: Quantum Integrability and the Rabi model


The Rabi model is  the simplest quantum system containing two interacting degrees of freedom. Although it does not possess a conserved quantity besides the energy, it is integrable and can therefore e exactly solved for all parameter values. To this end the classical concept of integrability has to be extended to the quantum domain where systems with few discrete levels couple continuous (radiation) degrees of freedom. A new criterion for quantum integrability is proposed. It turns out that a non-integrable generalization of the Rabi model can be exactly solved as well.