Research lines

Research lines

We develop multidisciplinary research in different fields around Quantum Information, Science and Technology. We contribute with theoretical models for the sake of fundamentals, experimental applications and emergent technologies.

1. Device engineering and quantum operations

  • Shortcuts to adiabaticity in classical and quantum science and technology
  • Non-Hermitian Physics and asymmetric devices
  • Control and machine learning for driven nonlinear quantum systems
  • Fundamentals of quantum measurement theory

2. Quantum information, communication, and computing

  • Quantum information and quantum computation
  • Alternative quantum computing paradigms
  • Communication and quantum metrology in the microwave range

3. Quantum communication, metrology, sensing, and entanglement

  • Quantum entanglement theory and quantum metrology
  • Geometry of quantum correlations
  • Correlation constraints and the existence of absolutely maximally entangled states
  • Quantum sensing protocols with NV centers

4. Quantum matter and quantum simulations

  • Quantum simulation of high-energy physics and condensed matter models
  • Dynamical effects in Bose-Einstein condensates
  • Superfluid phenomena in ultracold atomic systems
  • Novel methods for understanding chemical reactivity