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Prof. Roland Kawakami, University of California

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From: 12/2012 To: 12/2016


2011/04/15, Prof. Roland Kawakami, University of California
Place:  Sala de Seminarios del Departamento de Física Teórica e Historia de la Ciencia
Time: 11h
Title: Advances in Graphene Spintronics

Graphene, a single atomic sheet of carbon, has recently emerged as a promising new material for spin-based electronics (i.e. spintronics). Electron spin transport is the crucial functionality needed for spintronic devices. However, despite many years of effort in metals and semiconductors, spin transport in lateral devices has been hampered by small signals, cryogenic operating temperatures, and short spin diffusion lengths. In a short time, graphene has surpassed all other materials for lateral spin transport by exhibiting large  spin signals, long spin diffusion lengths, and gate-tunable spin  transport?all at room temperature. In this talk, I will highlight our key contributions toward establishing the nascent field of graphene spintronics. This includes the achievement of tunneling spin injection, long spin lifetimes in single layer and bilayer graphene, and the manipulation of spin transport by surface chemical doping.