Quantum mechanics is at the heart of our technology and economy - the laser and the transistor are quantum devices - but its full potential is far from being realized. Recent technological advances in optics, nanoscience and engineering allow experimentalists to create artificial structures or put microscopic and mesoscopic systems under new manipulable conditions in which quantum phenomena play a fundamental role.

Quantum technologies exploit these effects with practical purposes. The objective of Quantum Science is to discover, study, and control quantum efects at a fundamental level. These are two sides of a virtuous circle: new technologies lead to the discovery and study of new phenomena that will lead to new technologies.

Our aim is  to control and understand quantum phenomena in a multidisciplinary intersection of  Quantum Information, Quantum optics and cold atoms, Quantum Control, Spintronics, Quantum metrology, Atom interferometry, Superconducting qubits and Circuit QED and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics.

QUINST is funded in part as a “Grupo Consolidado” from the Basque Government (IT472-10, IT986-16, IT1470-22)  and functions as a network of groups with their own funding, structure, and specific goals.  


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ATOM LASERS, David Guéry-Odelin (U. de Toulouse, Francia)

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11/2010 11/2010


2009/11/11-12-13, ATOM LASERS, David Guéry-Odelin (U. de Toulouse, Francia)

Place: Salón de Grados ZTF-FCT
11 de Noviembre: 10 h (Overview)
12 de Noviembre 10 h (Guided atom laser I)
12 de Noviembre 11.30 (Guided atom laser II)

When the laser was invented some forty years ago, no-one envisaged its many areas of application today.
A laser emits coherent light; could coherent matter be utilised in similar ways? Can a laser be built to emit matter instead of light? David Guéry-Odelin, formerly at KLB, Paris,  is a world leading expert in atom lasers and will provide an overview of the main concepts and state of the art, as well as a detailed account of his current experiments at Toulouse.
QUINST (Quantum Information, Science and Technology) & Bizkaiko Campuseko Errektoreordetza dentro de las
XV Jornadas sobre óptica cuántica y fundamentos de mecánica cuántica