Quantum mechanics is at the heart of our technology and economy - the laser and the transistor are quantum devices - but its full potential is far from being realized. Recent technological advances in optics, nanoscience and engineering allow experimentalists to create artificial structures or put microscopic and mesoscopic systems under new manipulable conditions in which quantum phenomena play a fundamental role.

Quantum technologies exploit these effects with practical purposes. The objective of Quantum Science is to discover, study, and control quantum efects at a fundamental level. These are two sides of a virtuous circle: new technologies lead to the discovery and study of new phenomena that will lead to new technologies.

Our aim is  to control and understand quantum phenomena in a multidisciplinary intersection of  Quantum Information, Quantum optics and cold atoms, Quantum Control, Spintronics, Quantum metrology, Atom interferometry, Superconducting qubits and Circuit QED and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics.

QUINST is funded in part as a “Grupo Consolidado” from the Basque Government (IT472-10, IT986-16, IT1470-22)  and functions as a network of groups with their own funding, structure, and specific goals.  


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ICTP - Quantinuum Quantum Hackathon

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Quantum computing is undergoing a long- predicted transition from scientific revolution to industrial reality. Global governments, in partnership with industry, are making major investments in pursuit of quantum-related global goals.

As the technology approaches practical implementation, the ICTP and Quantinuum jointly organise a hackathon to contribute to a global education effort around quantum computing.

Following a series of lectures by Quantinuum and academic researchers, and workshops on quantum computing and algorithms, students will join scientists and industrial partners to learn how to deploy quantum algorithms focused on industrially-relevant use-cases across multiple sectors, from automotive, chemistry, finance, energy and pharmaceuticals. This multi-industry hackathon aims to accelerate applications of quantum computing, and to ensure that the benefits of this nascent technology are distributed equitably and globally.


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