RTNSA and IWMW 2015 cover the following topics:

RTNSA-2 topics:

  •  Preparation and characterization of magnetic / spintronic materials and nanostructures;

  •  Magnetism of nanoscale systems: thin films, multilayers, nanoparticles, nanodots, nanowires,    nanotubes, hybrid nanostructures, surface and interface effects;

  •  Giant magnetoresistance, tunnel magnetoresistance, MRAM and magnetic logics;

  •  Spin angular momentum transfer and spin transfer torque nano-oscillators;

  •  Spincaloritronics and spin-orbit effects;

  •  Fast and ultrafast magnetization dynamics, spin waves in patterned nanostructures and  magnonics;

  •  Dynamics of magnetic vortices, skyrmions and domain walls in nanostructures;

  •  Micromagnetic, multiscale and atomistic simulations of nanostructures;

  •  Applications of magnetic nanostructures: nanosensors, magnetic memory, spintronic devices  etc.


IWMW-7 topics:

  •  Magnetization process of thin wires

  •  High frequency properties and metamaterials

  •  Giant magnetoimpedance effect in thin wires  and applications

  •  New wire-shaped materials (Heusler-type, Magnetocaloric, granular)