We will organize transportation service:

- from the airport to hotel (and vice versa)

- from the hotel to Palacio Barrena (and vice versa)

- train from Zumarraga station (closest train station to Ordizia) to Barcelona (Sants station)

Please, contact Maider Arano to for questions related to local transportation.

As RTNSA and IWMW 2015 is followed by the 20th International conference on Magnetism 2015 to be held in Barcelona on July 5th-10th we will organize transportation from Ordizia to Barcelona for ICM attenders. Those, who are intending to attend ICM 2015, please contact Secretary to to book a seat in train Zumarraga-Barcelona. RTNSA Organizers will collect you from your hotel and will deliver you to Zumarraga station (closest to Ordizia train station) where you will get a direct train to Barcelona. It takes about 5 hours to get to Barcelona, Sants station. Unfortunately, RTNSA Organizers will not be able to cover your transportation to Barcelona but we will offer you a ticket with discound (25% of discount from original price). As we need to book and buy tickets beforehand, please, book your seat in train before June 15th, 2015.

Also, you can go to Barcelona by bus (Monbus) (7-7,5 hours) -

Please, find below a link to Google map of Ordizia with Palacio de Barrena address indication.