Support for ISO certification processes

Support in the implementation of management systems based on nationally and internationally-recognised standards including quality management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 17025, etc.), environmental management systems (ISO 14001, EMAS, Ekoscan etc.), occupational risk prevention management systems (OHSAS 18001, etc.) and other specific schemes which may be of interest to researchers such as UNE 166002 for RDi management.

Support activities include the following:

  1. Identification of policies.
  2. Monitoring and follow-up of objectives.
  3. Identification of processes.
  4. Implementation and monitoring of system documentation.
  5. Follow-up of indicators.
  6. Support for constant improvement.
  7. Monitoring activities for equipment, tasks and results.
  8. Internal audits.
  9. Etc.

5S methodology

Training, information and support in implementing 5s methodology for organisation, order and hygiene in the working environment.

Within organisations we tend very much to seek complex solutions to diverse problems in the belief that these will be the best and most effective, and seeing order and cleanliness as very trivial, simple things. However, such basic discipline as these must be followed systematically by all if we are to create an environment in which work is more efficient and effective and the workplace healthier.

Process management

Identifying, describing and systematically reviewing processes. Constant improvement to them to ensure that they develop properly and to introduce necessary changes. This fosters innovation in the day-to-day operation of procedures in each area, leading to enhanced motoring – and self-monitoring – of the activities carried on (dashboard).

Activities to raise awareness of how to manage and improve processes by aligning them with goals through this management system, adapting the return on tasks and activities and constantly improving the results of management and research.


The Quality and Innovation Unit offers training, advice and support services to the academic community, research groups and outside bodies and organisations for the effective management of their projects. This includes activities both to disseminate the advantages and benefits of rolling out quality and innovation policies and to support the implementation and running of such policies in order to ensure the success of projects and businesses.