System X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) SPECS equipped with:

  • Energy-analyzer Phoibos 1D-DLD 150, allowing analysis of samples from low area (micron order) to high area (mm).
  • Focus monochromatic radiation source 500 with dual anode Al / Ag, which allows working with powers of 400 W for the Al and 600 W for Ag, to improve the sensitivity and analysis time.
  • Manipulator sample-precision MCU-8, which allows linear movement in directions x, y, z, and polar azimuthal rotation with angular resolution analysis. System includes heating to 800 ° C and cooling.
  • Ion-Cannon (IQE 12/38) to carry out cleaning and depth profiling by Ar + ion bombardment, with a swept area up to 10x10 mm2.
  • Source of electrons (FG 15/40) for charge compensation in non-conductive samples.
  • Source of electrons (EQ 22/35) for Auger spectroscopy and SEM and SAM.
  • Detection System EDS-200 secondary electrons.