The Service carries out elemental, isotopic and speciation quantitative analyses for application mainly in research fields of Geology, Archeometry, Anthropology, Environment, Biomedicine and Materials Science.

Work carried out

Are made to order

  • Analyses of major elements and traces are carried out by prior appointment (including REE and HFSE).
  • Addition to determinations of anions (F-, Cl-, NO2-, Br-, NO3-, PO43-, SO42-), cations (NH4+, …).
  • Elemental speciation (As, Cr, Se).
  • Measurements of Sr, Sm, Nd, U, Pb, Lu and Hf isotopes in dissolved samples, or elemental and isotopic microanalysis of solid samples, all of them for radiometric dating purposes or as geochemical tracers in a wide variety of materials such as rocks, minerals, alloys, ceramics and glasses, archaeological remnants, fossils, waters, rock wool, slag, filters (PM10, PM2.5; Figure 3), bones, teeth, etc.

Figure 3. Concordia diagram for the zircon standard GJ-1 using data obtained in the Service (ca. 30 µm spots).