In accordance with the regulations governing the Advanced Research Facilities (SGIker) of the UPV/EHU, all users who use the equipment and facilities provided by the Microscopy: Polymer Characterization Service must contribute towards maintenance costs, depending on the time taken, the equipment and materials used, and the type of service requested.

The rates for this Service have been calculated based on the expenses required for the operation and maintenance of the microscopes and ultramicrotomes.


  1. Services under contract, in which analysis of results and drafting of a report are required, will be budgeted according to the time it takes to prepare these and the type of microscope, and charges will be levied according to the time spent and the rates in force. In the case of ordinary service, any bibliographical search will also be budgeted.
  2. The time spent on bibliographical searches to develop new dying techniques or sample preparation, etc., will be charged depending on current rates.
  3. Prices for the Service under contract do not include 18% VAT.
  4. These prices may be subject to possible review.