The intensive activity in terms of magnetism of different research groups from the Electricity and Electronics and Inorganic Chemistry Departments at the UPV/EHU has enabled a magnetic measurement laboratory to be set up in recent years which is equipped with magnetometers (Faraday and SQUID) and Electronic Spin Resonance Spectrometers (Bands X and Q). This laboratory has been in operation over the last few years as part of the General Service, and has been used by numerous users both from the UPV/EHU and from other universities and research centres, both in Spain and overseas. Under such conditions it is appropriate for this laboratory to continue performing its duties as part of the General Service.

Research in Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Material Science increasingly demands the more accurate and reliable characterization and determination of properties. Among the new materials widely in use in electronics, communications and electrical household appliances, etc., can be found magnetic and magnetoresistant materials, superconducters, and glass doped with rare types of earth, etc. On the other hand, research into new physical phenomena and new materials at low temperatures and low magnetic fields is already practically commonplace in most European and American universities.

The capacity of a university such as ours enables - and makes it necessary - to ensure the existence at the UPV/EHU of a Magnetic Measurement Service which is equipped with modern, high-performance instruments, and with suitable maintenance, qualified personnel and scientists who are able to interpret the results.