The aim of assessment is not to prove, but to remember (Zweizig, Wilcox and Robbings, 1996:70)


The importance that research, technological development and innovation activities (R&D+i) have acquired requires assessment actions to ensure that the efforts made in producing and exploiting knowledge may help society's needs and interests and reinvest in it effectively and efficiently.

The Sciencetometrics Unit forms part of the Advanced Research Facilities (SGIker) as a monitoring and assessment mechanism for research and technological innovation policies. Its activity is characterized by incorporating assessment management both into human, technological and material resources, and into the results of R&D+i activities carried out by the different SGIker or in those in which they have taken part, in order to encourage their valuation and transfer.

Such activity forms part of the current trend of introducing governance as an efficient method for managing knowledge  and technology and its transformation into innovation, within the scope of university research. Only by monitoring and controlling activities and results is it possible to detect the deficits and needs existing in the system, and thus help to improve R&D+i policies.