Offered services

The activities carried out by these units focus on support for the generation and interpretation of data and results, for decision-making and on lending support to the creation and management of tools that facilitate the management and governance of R&D activities.

Support for Management

  • Availability of relevant data and indicators for decision-making.
  • Centralization of measurement activities for carrying out new development plans in order to encourage strategic reflections.
  • Identification of management processes and standardization of protocols and acting and operational procedures.
  • Exploitation of scientific production repositories.
  • Implementation of quality control procedures and processes in accordance with standards that can be certified and assessed externally, such as the ISO 9001 standard or the EFQM model.

Support for technological problems and research groups

  • Value generation via management tools pertaining to research quality.
  • Establishment of general lines of collaboration and relations with business centres in order to provide back-up and support for their activities.

Support for R&D units from the business fabric

  • Advice in the area of product and process innovation, in addition to the viability of projects during their germination, development and exploitation phases.
  • Contribution of ideas and analysis of variables in interpreting the different R&D indicators.
  • Extraction of new technological transfer indicators.