Iker Badiola Etxaburu

Ph. D. Iker Badiola defended his doctoral thesis in 2007 in the University of the Basque Country studying the role of DDR receptors in the liver metastasis progression. This study reported several scientific articles in prestigious journals as GUT and Oncology Reports. He also was granted with the best Investigator Award in the 13th ISHSR conference in Niigata (Japan) for his work in this field. After his Ph.D. he founded in 2007 a biotech company called INNOPROT and he was the Director of Product Development till 2011. During these years he has contributed to consolidate the company and he has participated in three European projects (IMAGINT, PASCA, ARGIFUN) in FP7 and EurotransBio programs. Since 2009 he is lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine in the University of the Basque Country and since 2011 he is assistant professor. Nowadays he is directing inside the group the division of Cancer Research together with Dr. Olatz Crende and he is the principal investigator of a project which studies the epigenetics changes in tumor microenvironment funded by the Health Department of the Basque Government.