Procesos Catalíticos y Valorización de Residuos

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El grupo PROCAT-VARES trabaja en la propuesta, progreso e innovación de procesos de interés energético y medioambiental. El objetivo es desarrollar, con un nivel puntero internacional, líneas de investigación en Ingeniería de la Reacción Química que sean de máxima actualidad y que estén enfocadas al desarrollo sostenible. El desarrollo de esta actividad supone la formación de investigadoras/es y tecnólogas/os, la transmisión de conocimientos a la comunidad científico -tecnológica internacional en forma de publicaciones y la colaboración con el sector industrial, en temas que conjugan el interés académico, tecnológico, social e industrial.

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During May 21-24, our colleagues Onintze Parra and David Trueba participated in the ICheaP16 congress, which covers various topics of Chemical Engineering, to explain our most recent research on CO2 valorization for methanol production and regeneration of hydrocracking catalysts. #research #ChemicalEngineering #CO2 #plastics #valorization

Onintze Parra, Ander Portillo, Javier Ereña and Ainara Ateka have published an article in EKAIA on CO2 valorization for aromatics production. The article is a review of CO2 hydrogenation processes to produce aromatic compounds, especially BTX aromatics, helping in the mitigation of climate change and in the production of high value-added products from CO2. ...

Suní Rodríguez, Iratxe crespo and Sergio Iglesias will attend the MECCE 2023 Conference in Barcelona. They will deliver four presentations about the effect of the impregnation method for catalysts used in the hydrocracking of a VGO/PW blend, the matrix addition to a Pd/Y catalyst in the hydrocracking of preteated LCO, the reproducibility of the cycles in the sorption enhanced steam reforming of...

Last February José Valecillos Díaz delivered an oral virtual presentation on the deactivation phenomenon of Ni supported catalysts at the 7th International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering

José Valecillos Díaz attended ICheaP 16, which comprised diverse topics of Chemical Engineering, including our contributions on the production of hydrogen in a membrane reactor or syngas via bio-oil reforming

Yesterday, Dr. Héctor Vicente García defended his PhD dissertation entitled "Methanol-to-hydrocarbons (MTH) processes over H-ZSM-5 zeolites: New kinetic modeling methodology using forced periodic operatin and improvements in catalyst formulation". His research work has been developed in the Department of Chemical Engineering within Catalytic Processes and Waste Valoritzation (CPWV)...

Last March Suní Rodríguez Plaza attended the International Congress of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering in Rome (Italy), where she had the opportunity to share her study about the synergy between VGO and HDPE pyrolysis waxes in the hydrocracking over NiW-Y zeolites catalysts. #research #ChemicalEngineering #Catalysts #Hydrocracking

Last March Arancha Saiz Valderrama attended the International Congress of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering in Rome (Italy), where she had the opportunity to present the poster - LTA membrane reactors for DME synthesis from CO2 and CO2/COx mixtures: membrane crystallization

We are glad to present one of our last publications, in Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. This work, conducted in collaboration with researchers from LCP-A2MC at Université de Lorraine (France), sheds light on the significant role of the matrix in mitigating catalyst deactivation. Findings are crucial for advancing the valorization of bio-oil and developing robust catalysts for...

We are very proud to announce thar our Master student Asier Barredo Vinuesa, supervised by Eva Epelde has published part of his research work in the Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. This work has been developed in collaboration between GAIKER and UPV/EHU, within catalytic processes and waste valorization context, aiming to contribute to the chemical recycling of...

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