Representation and Anticipation: RRI modelling in emerging sciences and technologies


What is REyAN?

"Representation and Anticipation: RRI modelling in emerging sciences and technologies" (REyAN) is a research project founded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO - FFI2015-69792-R; 2016-18).

Why REyAN?

REyAN must be understood in the context of the new perspectives and principles (precaution, governance, trust) underlying the action plans on Science and Society of the European Commission. In that sense, the main purpose of the REyAN project is to contribute to create an analysis framework to identify the mediation between actors and their knowledge production capabilities, in accordance with what the Horizon 2020 Programme characterizes as Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). RRI demands early societal action, or Anticipatory Governance (AG).

Main REyAN goals

The general goal of the REyAN project is to produce an epistemologically and socially robust concept of anticipation, which would articulate more consistently the idea of an Anticipatory Governance (AG), particularly concerning the field of emerging sciences and technologies.
That general goal can be divided into two general sub-goals: (i) to produce a concept of representation—anticipatory representation—that would facilitate the conceptual elucidation and articulation of the main principles and ideas behind current science, technology and innovation policies, and (ii) to prove the robustness of anticipatory representation in relation to the goals and contents that guide those policies.