Tesiak 2022

Estefania Estalayo Mena. Analytical approach to diagnose the influence of the burial environment on the conservation state of archaeological remains: from lithic to metallic objects. Zuzendariak: Juan Manuel Madariaga eta Julene Aramendia. 

Silvia Pérez Diez.  Red cinnabar blackening in the mural paintings of Pompeii: volcanic impact, burial environment and atmospheric exposure. Zuzendaria: Maite Maguregui. Nazioarteko aipamena.

Udara Bimendra. Magneto driven smart materials for biosensing and actuation. Zuzendariak: Fernando Benito eta Lourdes Basabe. Nazioarteko Aipamena.

Carlos Asensio Regalado. Effects of different oenological technologies on the evolution of anthocyanin derivatives determined by LC-MS during red wine fermentations. Encapsulation of phenolic grape pomace extracts for cosmetics applications. Zuzendariak: Luis Ángel Berrueta eta Rosa María Alonso Salces (Universidad de Mar del Plata). Nazioarteko aipamena.

Iker Álvarez Mora. From effect-directed analysis to metabolomic assessment: how do the main emerging contaminants released into the Adour estuary affect glass eels (Anguilla anguilla)?. Zuzendariak: Nestor Etxebarria eta Mathilde Monperrus (UPPA). Nazioarteko aipamena.


Tesiak 2021

lmanol Torre Fernández. Raman spectroscopy as a key technique for the  interpretation of the geochemistry of Mars and other celestial bodies. Zuzendariak: Juan Manuel Madariaga eta Kepa Castro. Nazioarteko aipamena.

Laura Ortiz Herrero. Development of new methologies for dating in the forensic field combining analytical techniques with multivariate regression treatments. Zuzendariak: Miren Itxaso Maguregui eta Luis Javier Bartolomé. Nazioarteko aipamena.

Maite Garcia Hernando. Materials Science and Microfabrication: Key Tools to Develop Microsystems for Chemical and cellular monitoring. Zuzendariak:  Fernando Benito eta Lourdes Basabe. Nazioarteko aipamena.

Vahid Nasirimarekani. Open Surface Active and Pasive Magnetic Digital Microfluidics. Zuzendariak: Lourdes Basabe eta Fernando Benito. Nazioarteko aipamena.