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Academic Benefits

The research projects are one aspect that are valued in different university tables, from the exchange of teaching staff, accreditation processes of ANECA or UNIQUAL or the internal valuation systems (“Euskotramos”).

The exact evaluation of class depends on many factors, including the periodic renewal of general tables (more or less every two years) or the specific criteria that each board applies in any specific tender. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that the research projects with companies are valued and that the valuation criteria that are applied are the same for all that compete in the tender.

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As you know, the university offers a flexible framework for professional development which implies that the T&R dedicates part of its time to research projects and projects concerning the transfer of knowledge. One of the possible ways of developing this kind of investigative work is to participate in research projects with companies and public institutions. This collaboration with companies should be undertaken within the legal framework established by the university; failure to meet this stipulation shall mean a violation of the full time exclusivity clause of the T&R.

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