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Putting researchers and companies in touch with each other

Euskoiker exists to facilitate the work of university researchers and their relationship with companies and public institutions.

As part of our task, at Euskoiker we receive requests and proposals from both agencies outside of the university as well as UPV/EHU researchers.

Services to Researchers

The projects are a way of developing the investigative work of the UPV/EHU researcher. You can manage your projects with Euskoiker and enjoy the advantages that this type of Project offers.

We can also help you in the event that you want to present a tender or any other type of Public Administration bid.

Services to Companies

When we receive a request from an agent outside the university, we get in contact with the UPV/EHU researchers in order to develop a formal proposal that can be presented to the applicant. This proposal takes into consideration several subdivisions: objectives, fields of expertise involved, research personnel, cost of the processes, type of contract, etc.

Once the applicant approves the proposal, we begin the administrative processes necessary for the proper development of the project.

In the event that the business/contracting institution and the UPV/EHU research team have previously agreed terms, then this procedure shall not be necessary.

Vocation of the Service

We consider it our duty to provide full support regarding administrative procedures in order that the researcher can concentrate fully on the technical aspects of the project. We have a timetable offering non-stop services (from 8:00am to 6:00pm) which can be adapted to the dynamics of the university work. You can also contact us by means of the contact form on this website.

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