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Economic Benefits

The contracting of research projects or transferring knowledge between university and company can bring financial rewards to teachers of the UPV/EHU.

Transfer of knowledge activities

As we all know, full-time contracts for teaching and research staff (T&R) at the university carry a working week of 35 hours (37.5 hours for public officials) while teaching and tutorials occupy up to 14 hours a week at the most. The T&R of the EHU, contracted full-time, signs a dedication clause in the contract, exclusive to the university, and therefore is obliged to dedicate the rest of the working week to research activities or university administration. Among the research activities that the professor may undertake are research projects, consultancy and technical assistance, training and specialist reports, among others

Supplements to the salary

The payment of external projects, after 18% has been deducted for expenses and administration, may be used for different purposes according to that proposed by the Head Researcher (who requires departmental approval). Some of these purposes may include acquiring the necessary equipment for the research, costs incurred for travel or other expenses, outsourcing certain jobs (to companies or freelancers)…

The economic costs of projects can also be entered as remunerative supplements in the payment of project researchers. There are some limitations that are set out below.


There are certain limitations that the professors of the UPV/EHU can have paid as supplements to their salary:

  • Contracted part-time staff may not receive payment supplements to their salary in this way.
  • Moreover, the maximum amount to be paid in the year 2012, for the total amount of projects contracted during said year, shall be €127,127.00.
  • The maximum amount to be paid for the contract of one single project, during the year 2012, is €15,713.00.
  • On top of this amount, the UPV/EHU retains 25% of the excess. For example, if a professor is to be paid €30,000.00, the actual amount to be received is 15,713.00 + 0.75 x (30,000.00 – 15,713.00) = €26,428.25.
  • Note: These figures are updated annually. These figures shall be updated in accordance with whatever precise data we have available to us.

What happens to the 18%?

Of the total amount of the research contract, consultancy or training, 18% is retained for expenses and administration. This amount is distributed as follows in accordance with the regulation that entered into force on 1st of July 2008:

  • 5% – Euskoiker Foundation.
  • 5% – Department of the UPV/EHU where the project is from.
  • 8% – General Services of UPV/EHU.

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