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Transfer of teaching staff

The UPV/EHU has a range of candidates for teaching staff exchanges. In the event that you are interested in offering your services, the transfer activities between universities and companies are evaluated in section 2, “Research Merits”. The maximum amount of points that can be reached in this section is 20.

  • Research projects with no external reference:
    • Up to 0.37 points per year for Head Researcher.
    • Up to 0.25 points per year as an Associate.

A Research Project with an External Reference is one that has been certified by a quality certification body outside of the university, which could be ANECA or UNIBASQ. Normally projects contracted by companies do not pass any certification process; therefore they are usually considered to have “no External Reference”. In the event that it is certified by the ANECA, UNIBASQ or similar, these points may be increased to 1.25 points per year as a Head Researcher and 0.75 points per year as an Associate.

Bear in mind that for a teacher that does not have a stable position in the university, undertaking research projects with companies may be the only way of acting as Head Researcher in a project.

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