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International Conferences

Professional Test Receiver for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Signals
Eizmendi, I.; Pichel, I.; Velez, M.; Prieto, G.; Matias, J.M.;
IEEE Tenth International Symposium on Consumer Electronics. ISCE '06, St. Petersburg (RUSSIA), July 2006
Contribution: Oral Presentation / Publication: Proceedings

Local Radio Coverage Using the Digital Radio Mondiale International Standard: Time Variability Characterization
J. M. Matías, I. Losada, D. Guerra, G. Prieto, U. Gil, P. Angueira
International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting, Las Vegas (USA), March 2006
Contribution: Oral Presentation / Publication: Proceedings

Medium Wave Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Field Strength Time Variation in Different Reception Environments
D. Guerra, U. Gil,  D. De La Vega, G.Prieto, A. Arrinda, J.L. Ordiales, P. Angueira
55th Annual Broadcast Symposium (IEEE Broadcast Technology Society), Washington D.C (USA) October 2005
Contribution: Oral Presentation / Publication: Proceedings

Field measurement based performance analysis of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) reception in mobile channels
M. Velez, D. de la Vega, P. Angueira, D. Guerra, G. Prieto, A Arrinda
IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference. VTC2005-Spring, Stockholm (SWEDEN), May 2005
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