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The conference is co-organised by the Jaume I University in Castellón (UJI) and the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) and is intended as a forum for the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences and debate on the subject of engineering education and ways in which it can be adapted to the new university paradigm. The central theme of this first conference is "New competences in the area of sustainability and university social responsibility".

The aim is to discuss the need to incorporate new transverse competences associated with sustainability and university social responsibility into the engineering curriculum.

Teachers today face difficult challenges in this area. We need to identify and define these competences and find the best way of addressing them in the engineering curriculum. Taking part will be some renowned international colleagues from the areas of sustainability and social responsibility, who will help open the floor to deliberation and discussion. We will also hear from colleagues who are already working in this direction in their teaching practice, and whose experience will serve as an example and inspiration.

The conference is interested in work on education in engineering, particularly by those who are implementing some aspect of social responsibility and sustainability in undergraduate and postgraduate engineering studies. Communications may be related to the creation of theoretical frameworks, application of new methodologies in the classroom, presentation of teaching experiences or any other activities related to engineering education.

The conference will include five main sessions:

        a) Service-learning and social commitment in engineering.

        b) Engineering and development co-operation.

        c) Environmental sustainability.

        d) Corporate and business social responsibility.

        e) Engineering and gender.


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