Vice Rector of the Gipuzkoa Campus

Vice Rector of the Gipuzkoa Campus


Agustin Erkizia Olaizola (Curriculum vitae)

Contact data

Secretary: Edurne Otaegui             

Location: Vice-Rectorate of the Gipuzkoa Campus (Julianategi)

Postal address:
Paseo de Arriola, 2
20018 Donostia-San Sebastián

Areas of authority

Campus Vice-Rectors represent the university at ceremonies for the taking up of posts and receptions for permanent teaching and research staff  at their respective campuses, acting by delegation from the Rector. They hold the authority and carry out the functions set out in Article 197 and 198 of the Articles of Association and handle such matters within their operational areas as may be decentralised at campus level.

This includes the following:

  • Fostering and organising sports and cultural activities on the campus.
  • Academic organisation of the "Experience Classroom" initiative.
  • In the general policy framework of the university, and in cooperation with public and private-sector organisations in the Historical Territory where the campus is located, research is fostered and promoted into entrepreneurial activity and the creation of businesses, and into activities associated with volunteering, development cooperation and environmental awareness, with particular attention on improving the provision of university transportation.
  • Design and development of policies to increase the range of university residences available.
  • Design and management of assistance services (Article 154 of the Articles of Association) to facilitate the all-round development of university life on campus which are not allocated to other vice-rectorates, striving to cater for persons with special needs.