Vice-Rector of Basque, Culture and Internationalization


M. Juncal Gutierrez Mangado (Curriculum vitae)

Contact data

Secretary: Leire Iriondo

Location: Rectorate Building

Postal address:
Sarriena, s/n
48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)

Areas of authority


  • Fostering and coordinating actions for the mainstreaming of Basque and encouraging its learning and use at UPV/EHU.
  • Promoting and upskilling Basque among staff at UPV/EHU.
  • Managing accreditation for teaching staff to teach in Basque.
  • Fostering the presence and use of Basque in research, dissemination and university outreach activities.


  • Fostering and coordinating education and research in and dissemination of art and culture.
  • Organising cultural outreach activities aimed at society in general.
  • Editorial  Service.


  • Promoting activities in cooperation with universities and other organisations abroad, and in particular with universities in Aquitaine and Latin America.
  • Managing and promoting exchanges of students, teaching and research staff and admin/service staff with organisations abroad.
  • Managing and promoting incoming and outgoing mobility programmes for students, teaching and research staff and admin/service staff.
  • Working with other vice-rectorates to coordinate international programmes of interest to UPV/EHU in the fields of teaching, research, organisation and funding.
  • Working with public and private sector organisations on courses in Basque and Spanish as foreign languages, and languages other than the official languages at UPV/EHU, without prejudice to the specific remits of other vice-rectorates in this matter.
  • Promoting the use of non-official languages in teaching.
  • Promoting courses taught in non-official languages.
  • Managing accreditation for teaching staff to teach in non-official languages.

All other actions required to promote the presence of Basque, culture and UPV/EHU in international forums and to raise its profile and increase its international outreach.