Aholab Group Photo

AhoLab Signal Processing Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research group made up by lectures from the Communications Engineering Dep. together with several pre-graduate and graduate students. The group has wide experience in every field related with Speech Technologies, having participated in projects in the fields of Speech Recognition, Text to Speech Synthesis and Speaker Recognition. The group has also worked in other areas of signal processing such as the improvement of the quality of telephony signals. It enjoys the status of a "Grupo de Investigación del Sistema Universitario Vasco" provided by the Basque Government. The group has developed the first commercially available Text to Speech synthesizer for the Basque language, AhoTTS, as well as most of the publicly available spoken Basque language resources and tools. As such it is a reference in the area of speech technology.
AhoLab is located at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Bilbao. More information: http://aholab.ehu.es/