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All that is limited is consumed in its limited condition. All that is unlimited vanishes due to lack of limits. What is shared between boundaries is infinite and varied.

As indicated in the collection's motto, the objective of the Limes project is to translate, into Euskera, the works of various authors who have explained their thoughts. To publicise those thoughts, we intend to compile authors from different eras, languages, disciplines and perspectives; translate their works from the original language, and create books of an average length.

After choosing the text and author, a translator is chosen depending on the characteristics of the text, and it is completed with a prologue created by an expert specifically for editing. This prologue offers information about the context of the work, the era, discipline, thought and its relevance.

Meanwhile, to ensure the order and coherence of the collection, the director and editor of Limes, with the help of the support group for each edition, will maintain a constant exchange with the translator in order to be able to clarify and direct all conceptual problems that may arise in the translation.

Finally, in order to emphasise the unity of the project, the books will keep the same design and only vary in the colour of the cover.

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