Introducción Biorp texto

Biorefinery Processes research group 'BIORP'


The research group BIORP applies a holistic approach to develop sustainable processes for the valorization of biomasses to produce a broad variety of products and applications.

The research activities of the group cover the whole chain value of biomass biorefinery, from the raw material to final products, including the assessment of economic and environmental aspects.

The approach integrates knowledge in different fields, such as chemical and process engineering, chemistry and material and environmental sciences.


The research topics covered by the group include:

  1. - Design of sustainable processes for biomass conversion to value added products
  2. - Process integration
  3. - Process simulation and optimization
  4. - Environmental and energy optimization
  5. - Process intensification
  6. - Development of new applications
  7. - Design and characterisation of thermal energy storage materials based on sensible, latent and thermochemical heat
  8. - Corrosion studies and resistivity of materials in aggressive industrial environments
  9. - Proposal of ecological coatings to mitigate corrosion at medium and high temperature in industrial heat recovery systems